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Viagra has earned the title of most popular drug, which copes with problems with erectile function. Using pills, men derive their sexual life to a completely different level, forever forget about problems with erection. The number of sexual acts can significantly increase the sexual stimulation is withheld for a long time. As a result, the Viagra helps not only to cope with problems in the sexual sphere, but also to overcome the psychological barriers, restoring emotional contact with a partner, to regain feelings and passion. Intimate relations reached a peak thanks to Over the counter viagra online!

Experiments and researches are carried out in all the years of medication. The effectiveness of the product is just amazing. When Viagra was taken and dosed properly, men aged 20 to 65 years of coping with the complexities in 95 percent of cases!

Viagra effect of the drug

Impotence and erection deterioration causes a decrease in blood flow to the penis. Often problems during intercourse when the erection is insufficient, arises precisely because of the deterioration of blood flow: blood enters or bad, or quickly pours from the penis. As a result of either sexual intercourse is too brief or it is impossible to do.

The action of Viagra is aimed at dilation of blood vessels. Blood circulation during sexual arousal increases, the penis well supplied with blood, the erection is stable.

Application and dosage

Tablets need to drink water copiously taking inside. It is recommended to drink Viagra approximately 60 minutes before planned sexual intercourse. Usually take a 50 mg dose. However, the dosage varies depending on characteristics of the organism, from 25 to 100 mg per day. It must be remembered that it is strictly forbidden to take Viagra more than once a day.

Viagra usage instructions.

No wisdom there, enough to buy "Viagra" and read the manual that is included in the carton. It shows that tablets of the drug taken orally — that is, swallow is approximately 1 hour before sexual intercourse. As a rule, pills of Viagra start to act in 30-40 minutes after ingestion, but this time can vary both in smaller and bigger side, depending on the individual characteristics and condition of the body. If you take the pill with fatty foods, effect will have to wait much longer.

The standard dosage is 1 tablet of Viagra 50 mg once a day. If this number has no effect, it is better to consult a doctor. It's not worth risking yourself increasing the dosage, as it is fraught with problems with the circulatory system. Long persistent erection in overdose of Viagra for men is also an unpleasant phenomenon: first, it is quite painful, and secondly may cause damage to the penile tissues. Consultation with a doctor will help to minimize the risk of such negative scenarios.

Can be tablet Viagra threat?

Every medical facility has a list of contraindications, so buy pill Viagra and use it without any reconciliation with the condition is not the best solution. The tablets are directed on regulation of blood circulation, so the main caution should be people who have problems with the cardiovascular system.

Who wants to try a pill of Viagra for sale need to know that:
you cannot take it more than once a day, and more than is prescribed by a doctor or more than the maximum dose of 100 mg;
highly undesirable to mix the drug with alcohol, and generally, combinations of certain foods + Viagra side effects can be unexpected;
heart disease, liver and kidney, and anatomical defects of the penis increase the risk of severe health effects;
associated taking any medications that contain nitrates or are donators of nitric oxide, has CATEGORICALLY excludes any possibility of using "Viagra" as their mixing can dramatically lower blood pressure to a level dangerous for life;
there is an Allergy or hypersensitivity to the drug, which should be checked before taking;
was conducted studies, how safe are Viagra for men under 18 years of age and combining it with other drugs for the treatment of impotence;
funds from the group of alpha-blockers in combination with a tablet of Viagra can cause dizziness and loss of consciousness;
it's not a tool that can be safely used without consulting a doctor!

Side effects of Viagra Over the counter.

Like every drug, has a Viagra side effects. Even the complete absence of contraindications does not insure against all kinds of surprises. However, the side effects of Viagra appear infrequent and more annoying than bear any threat for health. Typically, this redness of face, skin irritation, headache, rarely — breach of color vision, nasal congestion, sore eyes.

"Viagra" to buy the pill and to forget about problems in bed.

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