Instructions for use of viagra

The drug Viagra is for the treatment of violations of potency for men over 18 years of varying degrees - from periodic lung disorders to complete impotence.

Pharmaceutical name Viagra citrate or Viagra. Viagra is the active ingredient of the world famous drug Viagra.

The effect of the drug on the body based on the stimulation of natural biochemical and physical processes in the body of a man which lead to normalization of an erection and ability to have sexual intercourse. The Viagra action is to relax smooth muscles and increase blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the male sexual organ. Through these processes it becomes possible to obtain a natural erection during sexual arousal.

Receiving Viagra does not degrade the quality and activity of the seminal fluid.

High efficacy of Viagra in the treatment of mild and moderate sexual disorders in men clinically proven in numerous clinical studies. Average proven effectiveness is about 85% with just one pill of 100 mg.

Apart from improving the quality of erections, there has also been a General improvement in the quality of sex: enhancing quality of orgasms, increase the duration of intercourse, and a total depth of feelings during contact.

Long course drug often leads to a stable improvement in sexual potency.

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Everyone wants to feel confident, and the man twice. This confidence extends to the sphere of sexual relations. Of course, if there is a problem with potency, and confidence a bit. From a medical point of view, this is called "erectile dysfunction", i.e. the inability to achieve an erection a man and maintain it for intercourse. Statistics show an increase of this problem among the male population, about 150 million people suffers from erectile dysfunction. The causes of this disease is various from the constant stress to various diseases, in order to cope with this unpleasant diagnosis requires the attention of the attending physician, the patient and his partner.

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