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The magic blue pill - Viagra online !

About Viagra heard only one who did not want to hear it. Today we will talk not about female pop music of singing and dancing group, and the "magic pill" of all time, thanks to which men again became men in the truest sense of the word, and the women regained Enjoy good sex, buy viagra cheap can today everyone. .

So who is it, a great unknown znakomka called Viagra? Where did it in our pharmacies and why revolutionized the world of sex? - viagra online

The story of Viagra

Long before the invention and the emergence of Viagra online shop in a small English town with a cheerful name Sandwich (translated to English), and the British - Sandwich, scientists - physicians working in the company for drug production, stubbornly and persistently invent a cure for heart, hypertension and in general for men with heart disease, the drug Viagra price, on which was very high.

It's terrible when adults and more men are helpless, like small children, because of the high or low pressure, arrhythmias, or heart rhythm disorders. By the way, the largest number of people on earth is dying from heart disease.

So, a group of volunteers, men stoically experienced the drug, in the hope that it will help mankind to get rid of serious problems. The basis of preparation scientists took constituting ingredient - Sildenafil. Somehow, they were confident that this drug will have a positive effect on the heart muscle.

But as time passed, the research progressed without any visible improvement of patients' health, and it was decided to end the experiment, of course, that any study - a huge cost, and drug Viagra price did not justify the cost of production.

All probably would have ended well, but the story has continued. Do not hand over the men participating in the experiments themselves back unused medication. Under various pretexts, trying to keep pills at home. Physicians interested in the reason for such behavior, and found that while the cores are treated with their hearts, they will receive medical treatment quite another body - the one that makes a man a man.

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And not just medical treatment, one recovered erections, another underwent pelvic pain, another talked about sexual desire, which for a long time for a not notice and buy pill viagra no prescription it was impossible - they have not yet developed and tested to the end.

These facts are interested in new drug development, and convincing management of the company, and it was now a world famous company Pfizer, continued work on a new medication. The next five years, scientists - pharmacists and doctors working on a new invention until the coveted blue pill called Viagra, viagra how much time could not identify even one.

Why so-called drug, opinions differ, but allegedly took as a basis the power of Niagara Falls (end of word) and a part of the English word Vigor, which means energy. That such a man should be after taking the pill - energetic and assertive in their sexual desires.

Clinical trials were held under the strict control of the American Department for food safety and drugs. Conclusion issued by the American drug, read:
• The drug is harmless to human health
• Very effective for patients with sexual disorders
It permission to sell the drug in the United States opened the gates to the world of fame and glory, men have the opportunity to buy Viagra pill in any quantity.

A previously unknown wide range of people, doctors, pharmacists P. Ellis and N. Terrett become protagonists in the pages of the history of overcoming gender-specific diseases. Millions of Earthlings male gratefully remember them, each time taking a blue pill Viagra.

Ingredients of Viagra USA

The drug Viagra is a registered patent and only one firm can release it under the same name, and buy viagra Canada became possible 10 years ago.

The disorder of erectile function rather mass disease among men. Already, every second Russian man has sexual function abnormalities after 40 ka. This problem affects more than the younger generation - one in ten young people after 25 years of experiencing difficulties in committing a sexual act.

The emergence of effective drugs, including Viagra UK, and modern treatments today gives hope to millions of men to restore sexual ability, today New-York Viagra sold in each specialty store and pharmacy.

Causes of disorders of erectile function
Of great importance for any man, regardless of age, has the ability to perform sexual intercourse. If for any reason it does not, start, to say the least health problems and mental. And further events develop according to the worst scenario terrible film: a man becomes a nerve that affects the work (up to dismissal), parting with his girlfriend because of inability to perform male "duties" offensive counter depression or anything like that. Therefore, no need to ask, how much is generic viagra and go out and buy.

But let's not exaggerate, you say that a lot of men live without sex and normal. One can argue themselves hoarse that it is not normal. Medicine has long been proven that the key to a successful life of any person 80% of high-quality sex. It prolongs the life of sex, as biological processes occurring in the body, men and women, have a beneficial effect on the body, and no medicine in the world is not able to make health something that makes sexual activity.

The cultures of many nations at the forefront put the sexual relations, and the leading role in this case is given to man. That men have long taken various infusions, drugs to improve erections. There are many cases in which men after the age of 70-ti were able not only to perform sexual acts, but also to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. These facts confirm how important for our ancestors had an intimate relationship.

The disorder of erectile function is accompanied, first of all, not a man the ability to perform sexual intercourse due to poor erections or lack of it at all. The causes of this disorder are different in nature.

Viagra and alcohol

Does Viagra with Alcohol? The correct answer is collaborative consumption is not highly desirable. Viagra significantly increases blood pressure if your blood pressure is low or normal, then all can do, but if davleia high - you may seriously worsen the condition. So our advice, limit alcohol intake if you drink Viagra or try another prepart - Cialis (Cialis), it is more prisposoblen for such situations. So our advice is to limit the intake of alcohol before use of the drug.

Why Viagra increases the potency?

The active ingredient sildenafil works effectively for most men with erectile dysfunction and its effect on the body causes:

  • • Sustainable erection.
  • • Increases the duration.
  • • Increased rigidity of the penis.

The action of the active substance causes blood flow to the penis due to the contraction and expansion of arteries located in the penis of men. As a result, in the penis enters the blood flow, after which it hardens and straightens up. The effect of generic viagra is observed in all men with impaired erectile dysfunction regardless of its severity or neglect. The desired effect in 8 of 10 cases it turns out after the first admission, but sometimes you have to take the drug twice, although this is rather the exception. The start time varies from 15 to 40 minutes from the moment of adoption. The duration of action is usually 3-4 hours. However, you should remember that sildenafil does not increase libido and is valid only if you have the desire and natural sexual arousal.

How Viagra interacts with other drugs?

In almost all cases, a viagra is allowed to take regardless of what pills you are drinking at the moment, but there are some limitations:

  • • Prparaty which includes nitrates (Nitroglycerin, etc.)
  • • Medication - alpha-blockers
  • • Similar in composition preparations with a content of Sildenafil citrate.
  • • Recreational drugs (Popers, etc.)
  • • Other remedies for the treatment of E. D. If you are not sure, whether contains any of the substances in the medications you are taking, we recommend that You schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Advice on taking viagra:

If you decide to buy viagra, price suits you, keep in mind, there are some General recommendations, which largely can help to improve the drug action:

  • • refrain from taking excessive quantities of food and alcohol approximately 2-3 hours prior to estimated time of intimacy, especially for fatty foods and strong alcohol. Failing to do so will impede the absorption of active substances and as a result will delay and reduce the expected effect.
  • • be positive, and try naturally excited.
  • • if the first time a drug didn't work, don't despair – try again!

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